Join the over four day Bootcamp and learn Software Development skills for the international Market

Cameroon has always been seen as a technology consumer and not producer. Partly because technology consumers regard Cameroonian products as sub-standard. From our 8 years experience in the tech industry, we discovered there are few skilled developers in Silicon Mountain as compared to what the job market needs. We fear the many upcoming young ones may not have the skills needed for the international market.  Hence, ActivSpaces and Leapfrog are proposing a solution to this problem by training Intermediate and Advanced developers.


ActivSpaces and Leapfrog are partnering to give hands-on training to 30 developers in Silicon Mountain (the technology ecosystem in Fako division, South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon).  The training takes place from July 24-26, 2018 from 8h;00-16h;00 CAT daily at ActivSpaces (top left floor, 1st Trust building, Great Soppo Buea).




Why Developers should partake in this training

-They will learn from start to finish how to develop and deliver quality software fit  for the international market.

-It  is 90% practicals as opposed to 10% theory

-Trainers are German-based Software experts who will work with them on real world projects

-Developers will learn the agile software development workflow process

-It is free

In  a nutshell, the German Trainers will drill developers on how high quality Software are produced for international consumption.


This training is a follow up of the  IT Entrepreneurship and Software Life Cycle Management training which took place in January this year .

Developers who are interested in attending should register here


At the end of this bootcamp,  Silicon Mountain should be proud of more than 25 skilled programmers who are fit for the international job market.

For more information, call 237,678,925,156/237,678,949,241. Please share with every person you think this training can help.


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