WANTED: Africa’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs

Are you convinced that you have the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to improve the lives of thousands of people in the World? Accelerate the growth of your company by refining your business strategy with the support of over seasoned mentors and coaches and a network of investors that could unlock capital for your startup. In the process, build relationships with like-minded peers that will support you on this entrepreneurial journey.

Interested? Apply NOW to the DEMO Africa class of 2018 applications are open until July 2, 2018.

Application submission can be found at: https://bit.ly/2FiJkMX.

Email hanny.zuhudi@demo-africa.com with questions.

Screenshot_20180619-142659About Demo Africa

Demo Africa is a pan-African launchpad for emerging technology and trends. The annual event is geared towards identifying leading innovators and supporting fast-growing technology and innovation startups.

During the annual DEMO Africa event, the organizers welcome over 1,000 attendees and a carefully selected class of new technology products are introduced to an audience of investors, technology buyers, corporate acquirers, strategic partners, and global press.

This year’s final Demo Africa Event will take place in Morocco after regional competitions have taken place in different African Countries. For Cameroon, ActivSpaces will be hosting the regional in its space in Douala. This implies that startups in Cameroon going in for the competition will send their applications to https://bit.ly/2FiJkMX and they will contacted if they are selected to pitch.

Application submission ends on July 2, 2018 at midnight. Those selected will then compete at ActivSpaces Douala on 5th July 2018. Worthy of note is that, startups will be given 5 minutes each to pitch their ideas to a jury and 6 minutes to respond to all questions.

▪ Must be a fully registered company
▪ Must have a demonstrable product
▪ Solution is solving a real problem
▪ Must have a viable business model
▪ Ability to deliver product to market
▪ Potential to scale

After the pitching in Douala, three finalists will selected to move to the final round in Morocco. From Morocco, five finalists will be selected from the pitching startups to participate in the LIONS Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley. These DEMO Ambassadors are the startups that have shown the highest potential for scaling across Pan-African and international markets, with a mature understanding of their product market fit, a great team and a defensible and commercially viable technology.



Once a startup is selected during the final round of the competition in Morocco, it will benefit for the following;
• Mentorship & Coaching
• Media coverage
• Investor connections
• Tech buyers connections
• Access to the DEMO Africa BootCamp
• Technology Tools and Services
• Membership within Africa’s top Startup Club
• Potential curated trip to the Silicon Valley

What’s in it for you, the Entrepreneur?

  • Access tools worth more than US$120,000 from Microsoft
  • Access infrastructure worth more than US$15,000 from AWS
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Meet investors and buyers
  • Publicity for their startup
  • A chance to join a fully paid US Innovation Tour
  • Showcase product at the event

Thirty companies will be selected to launch their products at the main event in October. The 30 companies will also receive mentorship and will attend a 2-day Bootcamp in preparation for their launch and software and services worth more than US $150,000 each for the next three years. DEMO Africa entrepreneurs are equipped with the knowledge, mentorship, tools, connections, financing and supportive community that they need to survive and grow their businesses.

The Four Pillars of Demo Africa

CAPACITY: Strengthening the capacity of African startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators to compete in the global marketplace through training, business exchanges, and competitions.
CONNECTIVITY: Providing a global platform for the most innovative companies from across Africa to showcase their products.
CREDIBILITY: Launching promotional campaigns to bring credibility to Africa’s emerging innovation and startup ecosystem.
CAPITAL: Driving investment from both local and international private capital sources to technology-driven small and growing businesses across multi-sectors.

Good luck to all those applying. In case of any questions, you can write us on info@activsapces.com or www.facebook.com/ActivSpaces

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