Digital Renter to aid Buea GCE Markers find accomodation, Students too to make some cash

For immediate release on June 12 2018

Digital Renter,

Top left floor, 1st Trust Building,

Great Soppo, Buea

Tel.  +237 679-574-561,


                                Press Release

Digital Renter launches a new campaign to help GCE markers get affordable rooms during their stay in Buea.

The management of Digital Renter is proud to present to you a new promotion which is aimed at getting students/workers give out their rooms for up to 3 weeks to markers. Hence, making some good cash for themselves while the markers can have a good and affordable place to stay during marking. Digital Renter is an online real estate marketplace aimed at reducing the stress involved in search of vacancies(house/land) by connecting property owners/managers with future tenants/buyers 



For years now, Buea and Bamenda have been the 2 main centers for marking of  the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) scripts for the entire nation. During this time, some teachers are requested to mark outstation (where they will have to travel to Buea / Bamenda centers). This movement causes them to be displaced for 1-3 weeks depending on the subject they are marking.

These teachers  marking out station need a place to live while in their marking centers. Sometimes, they live with family and friends. Others choose to go for hotels, guest houses and even inns. Focusing on Buea, to get a furnished single room to let costs from 5,000 CFA Francs to 30,000 CFA Francs. This price sometimes gets a bit expensive for some teachers, so, there is need for them to go in search of affordable housing. For the previous years, the activity of students giving out their rooms in exchange for payment has been going on without any order. This “unordered nature of activities” is coupled with security issues such as theft, sexual harassment , impersonation (someone might stay in a house with a different name) and many more. Students have lost items and can’t recover them just because they can’t trace the persons to who rented out their rooms.

To help bring some consistency and order in this rich sector, Digital Renter has launched a campaign calling on students who wish to rent their rooms to submit their rooms to be listed on the platform. The students will benefit from wider visibility and Digital Renter will help the students securely verify the persons wishing to  rent their rooms for the short period. On the direction of the teachers, they will be able to have a variety of verified and validated student rooms with different conditions to choose from.


Process to sell your room

  1. Call/WhatsApp the number 679-574-561 and indicate your interest in the campaign
  2. An agent from Digital Renter will schedule an appointment with you and visit your property for inspection
  3. Once it has been inspected, verified and validated, pictures of the room and other information will be taken and uploaded online.
  4. Boom, your room is now visible to over 300 teachers

Process of getting a room

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the promotion banner
  3. View list of rooms. Filter by price.
  4. Once you’ve seen a room that you are interested in, proceed by paying for the duration you want to live there.
  5. If you have any worries, you can get to us via call/whatsapp or chat with an agent on the live chat.
  6. Once we receive your request, you will need to provide some basic verification document to validate the information you have inputted online.




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