Congratulations! Over 30 Silicon Mountaineers make it to the 2nd phase of the Google Udacity Scholarship Program

About 30 young developers in Silicon Mountain have gained admission into the 2017/2018 Udacity Google Africa Scholarship Program.

First of all, congratulations for getting selected for the Scholarship challenge you surely did a good job with your application! You can be proud of yourself ! Many people got rejected , so if you are in, feel yourself privileged!

Gaining this scholarship means they will be able to participate in the Andela Learning Community with partners from Andela and if very successful, they will earn full scholarship to one of Google’s Android or Web Development Nanodegree programs.

The Udacity Google Africa Scholarship Program is a Web and Android scholarship for residents in African countries who are at least 18 years old.  The Scholarship Program is sponsored and administered by Udacity, Inc., a (U.S.) Delaware corporation. This year’s application submissions ended on April 24 and on May 2, 2018, the recipients were notified of their success.

The Udacity program is of great importance to recipients especially those from Silicon Mountain (Cameroon) because it will help them acquire the skill sets for their specialt yand prepare them for greater opportunities. This is so because they are now exposed to learning valuable skills to launch and advance their careers as mobile or web developers, master world-class curriculum developed with experts from Google and Udacity and they will join a rapidly growing community of mobile and web developers.

Some of the names of the 2017/2018 recipients of this scholarship from Silicon Mountain we were able to get include; Courage Angeh, Miriam Motia, Ruphine Kegne Grace, Mnekam Rudy, Ngani Faith, Tcheyanou Jessica, Mondjo Peride, Nkep Kerlyn Mnayi, Luma Augusta, Sorelle Tchatcho, Awah Nadege, Biszan Mukwelle, Emenyi Nelly, Fnate Stella, Julia Durinelle Yossa, Kuna Fombo, Efuet Flora, Effangwa Martha, Enjeck Cleopatra, Tenku Noela, Videc Leinyuy, Fomengnia Felix, Cho Divine, Ambanunben Norbel, Alani Derick, Kake Demian, Pila Louis, Ngenge Senior, Eugen Bleck, Tane Juth, Mojoko Emilien Luda, Kamaha Claude Joelle, Leonardo Horattio Ochaf, Wepngong Benaiah, Jezeh Priesten, Molinge Junior and Tchassem Borel. These names are a big plus to the Silicon Mountain community and Cameroon as a whole because with time, they will start building professional products after acquiring skills and experiences from these studies.


However, being a recipient of this scholarship doesn’t end there. There is still a lot to be done. In fact, this is just the beginning of more tougher things to come. George Szabo confirms this in his article on

Worthy of note is that before the release of the results, the Women Tech Makers Buea had organized an event which centered around teaching participants how to craft a winning application for the Scholarship Program. The event which took places at ActivSpaces Buea on April 2, 2018 had over 27 participants with females being the dominant sex.  During the event, the resource persons like Shafack Amanda, Fosso Arcel and Fongoh Martin together with other peers who are already undergoing studies under the Google Scolarship (Ngong Ivoline) guided the participants on how they can apply for the program.



Today, we see the outcome of the event as most of those who were admitted in the Scholarship program took part in the event.


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    […] is sponsored and Administered by a U.S. Delaware corporation known as Udacity Inc. This year’s scholarship program was for residents in Africa from the age of 18 and […]

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