A New Service Launches to make House Search easy

A Startup at ActivSpaces called Digital Renter has launched its online real estate marketplace which helps in  reducing the stress involved in search of vacancies(house/land) by connecting property owners/managers with future tenants/buyers yesterday, 15th May 2018 at ActivSpaces Buea. The Digital Renter platform which has existed since August 2017 serves diverse customers like landlords/Caretakers of land and houses and people looking for vacant houses and parcels of land to rent. Although it has been operational, its business model was validated just yesterday

A the Launching

A the Launching


Do you want to know more? then read below.

Case Justification; Why this platform exists

According to Fongoh Martin, Founder of Digital Renter , every year, thousands of workers are transferred and have to move from their current towns to new work locations. Similarly, over ten thousand students are admitted into higher institutes in the Fako Division each year such as the University of Buea, the Catholic University Institute of Buea, TrustTech, etc. 80% (eighty percent) of these transferred workers, the newly admitted students and other returning students who need to change rooms face enormous difficulty and stress finding a new vacant house (apartment, studio, room, hostel, …) that match their taste. Many other individuals on a daily basis experience even greater encumbrances in the search for plots for rent or for sale. All these difficulties arise from the inadequacy of information on vacant properties existing on other real estate platforms. It is from this backdrop that Digital Renter found its business model by creating a platform that provides acute information on existing vacant houses and pieces of lands.

With this platform, anyone coming into Buea can find vacant houses/parcels of land on rent or sale at digitalrenter.com with no stress. Moreover, landlords can also use the platform to advertise their vacant houses/pieces of land, implying that, in no time, the platform will spread its tentacles to different towns and cities and even countries.

Its Uniqueness; How different it is from others

the Digital Renter platform is very unique. it is different form other real estate platforms in that

  1. It provides information on easy access to vacant property not necessarily asking for huge commissions for work done like other platforms. Its main job is just to provide information on vacant property and bring the house searchers and landlords/caretakers in contact.
  2. The platform gives customers the opportunity to create request alerts in case they don’t find what they are searching for. By so doing, when the required houses are available, they are notified.
  3. Every property posted on the platform is verified and exists.
  4. It gives a road map to the property location. If the customers don’t want a guided tour or phone number of the landlord, they can actually use the road map to the location without passing through the platform agents.
  5. Direct online payment is available. No time wasted on meeting the agents face to face who will then take them to the property manager.
  6.  Gives the opportunity for landlords to post. Moreover even those who are not conversant with the digital world can actually use the platform since they can meet the agents to help them post their houses.
  7.  Faster, lighter and more dynamic loading of images to enable customers upload pictures even with low internet connectivity
  8. A deeper and wider search feature; search by location, house type, bedrooms, sale/rent, price range, purpose, etc


Why use Digital Renter

  • It saves time
  • Saves cost
  • Client is in control
  • Easy to use

If  Digital Renter was able to scan through the town of Buea and provide information on over 120 vacancies, serve over 100 persons with a great percentage finding their dream homes, when it wasn’t launched,  what more of now that it has been brought to the lime light? The success stories are just starting.


How it works

In case you or someone you know is looking for a vacant house,

  1. go to https://www.digitalrenter.com
  2. Click on interested property
  3. Get phone number of property owner/manager or road map or request for a guided tour

If you are a house owner, caretaker, real estate agency or agent looking for tenants,


You can freely upload your property on https://digitalrenter.com/en/upload

18. Listin - guest house

There is the need for us to switch from analog to digital ways of doing work in order to safe time and energy. Digital Renter just upped its game and ready to help others up theirs too. You can equally watch the launching of the platform on www.facebook.com/DigitalRenter or at www.facebook.com/ActivSpaces








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