IT Training: Learn the skill sets you need as a young developer to qualify for the Job Market.

For the more than seven years working with young developers, we found their skills to be inadequate for the job market. Despite available quality and well-paid IT jobs, these young developers lack the skills to deliver quality software products on time.

To land better jobs in the IT industry is more of competence and professionalism; the ability to adhere to professional standards and use industry accepted tools and workflows. While being a very good developers, coders or programmers, this is the body of knowledge we found missing in most of our young developers. Clearly, this is the knowledge gap between Academia and the fast-paced IT industry/sector.


It is against this backdrop that ActivSpaces entered into partnership with Leapfrog – a German based NGO – to organize a four-day intensive training on IT Entrepreneurship and Software Life Cycle Management for young developers within the Silicon Mountain. This team of IT Experts from Leapfrog will in 4 days impart in to our young developers the skills they have acquired working for large corporations in Germany and beyond.

Topics they plan to cover include:

  1. SVN and/or GIT
  2. Atlassian JIRA
  3. Java Programming Language
  4. AWS/Google Cloud
  5. Maven Build Tool
  6. MySQL Database
  7. JSON and XML
  8. Virtualization with Docker


The training which will begin on January 30th, will end on February 2nd, 2018 with a Hackathon.  The training will take place at ActivSpaces Buea (Top left floor, 1st Trust Building, Great Soppo) and is expected to commence daily at 8am and close at 4pm.


The only requirement to attend these trainings is that the participant must be a programmer/developer with mastery of at least one programming language. Ofcourse each participant must come with their development machines.
Knowledge of the topics listed above is not mandatory but will be a plus.

Worthy of note is that ActivSpaces and Leapfrog have planned 3 sessions of similar training this year.

Interested persons should contact us via our Facebook page at or call (+237) 678 94 92 41 or better still, send us an email to




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