Dr. Michael Ekonde Sone endorses VEhSEh, one of ActivSpaces’ startups

The VEhSEh team, one of ActivSpaces’ startups  has been endorsed by the Director of the College of Technology, University of Buea Cameroon, Dr. Michael Ekonde Sone.


This is because this startup has proven to be one of the promising solution providers and  businesses  in Silicon Mountain. The team members are exceptionally committed to what they are doing.


VEhSEh is a start up that aims at “connecting the unconnected”. To Eruck Emmanuel, co founder of the start up, their wish is to influence people’s daily living with technology, hence, providing networks to areas that  do not have is their own way of answering their call from God.

Their endorsement came on January 5 2018 by Dr. Sone who has taught most of the team members and also seen the vision of the team. The VEhSEh team and project is very feasible. Their project will go a long way to help most remote areas in Sub Saharan Africa that are out of mobile network connectivity. Doctors and patients will be able to communicate easily, farmers and peers will talk often while the various Ministries will have regular feedback from workers in the rural areas through VEhSEh’s network.

VEhSEh‘s problem solving stems from the fact that there are some remote places in Cameroon that cannot connect to the existing mobile networks.  The inhabitants of these places difficulties connecting with those they want to. Moreover, some mobile phones have drastically been turned to fixed phones simply because the available mobile networks are spotted in some of these remote areas. This leaves the inhabitant of the said areas with no option than to glue their mobile phones at some fixed spots with network in order for them to make or receive calls.

ActivSpaces, the number one innovation Hub in Cameroon is proud to help initiatives like the VehSeh grow. This is one of the objectives of ActivSpaces-to incubate start ups by providing them with the necessary tools they need in growing their start ups. However, there is still room for other start ups to be incubated at ActivSpaces. All they need do is apply at www.activspaces.com or send their applications to info@activspaces.com


Meet the team members

The VEhSEh startup which has existed for more than a year now has eight (8) team members – Eruck Emmanuel, Mekolle Sone Gillis, Pangsui Usifu Linge, Kamga Messa Erika, Ngai Elizabeth, Desmond Formusi, Mesode Kelly and Nguezang Arsene Dumont. These dynamic youths are Telecommunication Engineering students in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Buea-Cameroon.

The VehSeh team

 Meaning of the name VEhSEh

VEhSEh means “WE” or “US” in the Kenyang language of the Bayangi people in Cameroon.  The name signifies the things that they do to help others. The things that come out of us. It is the work of everybody. The founders of this startup preferred to use the common Kenyang language to describe what they are doing. They believe this makes the initiative sound more Cameroon-like and not foreign.

VEhSEh's endorsement letter

VEhSEh’s endorsement letter

You can to the team on www.faceboob.com/vehseh or come to ActivSpaces Buea, top left floor, First Trust building, Great Soppo Buea

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2 Responses

  1. Loveth Nkongho says:

    We need people like Dr Sone in UB.
    He was my lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, UB.
    I’m not surprised by the silence of Prof. Tanyi Emmanuel, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
    The VesSeh team has done a great work.
    I witness the their innovation at the Silicon Mountain Conference 2017.
    Bravo team VesSeh! You’ve made Cameroon proud.

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