ActivSpaces produces one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Mountain

Makonjo media is one of the fastest growing companies in Cameroon’s tech ecosystem, Silicon Mountain. Incubated by ActivSpaces, (the number one tech innovation hub in Cameroon), Makonjo media is specialized in Digital Marketing (Automated Selling Machine) to help African companies satisfy their Digital Marketing needs. After being incubated by ActivSpaces for some months, Makonjo has graduated from ActivSpaces’ incubation program and is doing well in Digital Maketing.


According to Otto Paul Akama, founder of Makonjo Media and Skademy (a training platform for Cameroon youths), there is a lot of waste in Africa’s digital marketing. Instead of converting visitors/strangers to customers, African Digital Marketers work towards meeting new visitors every day in their marketing. Therefore, Makonjo is aiming at creating a conversion journey for that stranger to becoming a customer to your company in order to solve the problem of poor digital marketing by African companies. He encourages marketers to push out information about their companies that can attract visitors who will be converted to customers.

Makonjo at the2017 Silicon Mountain conference

Makonjo at the 2017 Silicon Mountain conference


Meet the Makonjo Team

Meet the Makonjo Team

Besides Digital marketing, Makonjo media offers other services like, content writing and translation, corporate ICT training, Digital Advertising and Online PR services, Growth and Business Representation, Logo Branding and Graphic Design, Web design and WordPress services, Web Programming and App development, the list is long.

Makonjo Media’s growth is very evident in terms of the staff size (more than 15 paid employees), its infrastructure, quality of services offered and the number of customers for a young company like Makonjo. Although it has existed for about just a year, the Silicon Mountain is proud of its products and the ecosystem sees it as one of its promising companies. The difficulties faced by this company are normal difficulties faced by other young companies. although the adoption rate is slow, it is sure. Otto ranks Makonjo as the first Digital Marketing company in the Silicon Mountain. This is because Makonjo is building a particular framework that organizes marketing towards increasing sales using their Automated Selling Machine.


This company’s contribution to the Cameroon economy cannot be overemphasized. Its Skademy training program helps in training young Cameroonians in various technology fields, skills that could not be acquired in school are gained. Moreover, it is reducing Cameroon’s unemployment rate by hiring more than 15 Cameroonian youths- with the conviction that more would still be hired in the future as the company grows. Above all, its Automated Selling Machine is aiding companies and preventing them from wasting precious resources on unfruitful Digital Marketing. Makonjo believes in training its workers because it aims at giving out the best.

Why the name Makonjo Media?

Makonjo logo

Makonjo logo


Makonjo comes from the Barondo (a tribe in the South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon) word which means “HANDS”. If you noticed, the Ubuntu typeface has been used to design the Makonjo logo. Ubuntu in itself means community/Sharing. Therefore, if you merge the typeface and the hands, it gives rise to “Community Hands” which is the meaning of Makonjo. Otto explains that the reason why they chose this name was because if the hands do not get the work done, no other part of the body will do so. The mind can think, the eyes see, ears hear but if the hands don’t get involved, nothing will be done. So he encourages all entrepreneurs in Africa to stop talking without doing. “everyone can talk but not everyone can get stuffs done” Otto added.

Makonjo is located at Bonduma, opposite Ulis food, adjacent to Forzi Sugar in Buea. You can contact Makonjo on



LinkedIn;  Makonjo media


Blog;  afrohustler

Meet the founder

Otto Paul Akama, founder of Makonjo media

Otto Paul Akama, founder of Makonjo media


Name: Otto Paul Akama

Organization: Makonjoh Media (Founder)

Education: Maths (Dropout), Computer & Communications Engineering (B.Eng.)

Projects, Startups and Businesses: iSolutions Web Services (co-founder), (co-founder), Makonjoh (co-founder), ActivSpaces (Online Community Specialist), Skademy (co-founder)

Passions: CSS, Startups, Community


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