FREE Training and FREE Consulting to startups and developers by Microsoft at ActivSpaces Douala

Microsoft is offering two opportunities; one in FREE Training and the other in FREE Consulting to startups and developers of the ActivSpaces Community. Location will be ActivSpaces office in Douala from 14th through 18th of December 2015.



  1. Running Websites in Microsoft Azure (Join Link)
  1. Running Mobile App Backends in Microsoft Azure (Join Link)
  1. Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps (Join Link)
  1. Machine Learning in the Cloud (Join Link)

The consulting sessions for startups can be booked here

Keep reading below to learn more if you’re interested.


Invitation 1: Developer Training with Microsoft

Interested in becoming a better developer and learning about the newest technologies related to apps, web and cloud? Microsoft is hosting 4 training sessions in cooperation with ActivSpaces and YOU are invited. Check out the sessions below and sign up to the ones that you are interested in. You can either join just one of the sessions or all of them. It is totally up to you.

All of the training sessions are scheduled to last three hours. This will include 1 hour of classroom teaching, 30 minutes break with sandwiches and drinks and 90 minutes of hacking. If you just want to you join for the first part, that is okay too.

Location: ActivSpaces, Immeuble TECNO, Boulevard de la Liberté, Douala, Cameroun



There are no requirements for joining the sessions. However, if you would like to participate in the hacking session after the break you should bring your laptop.



It is important to register for each of the events that you would like to participate in. Use the registration link for each session.



Monday, December 14, 17:00-20:00

Running Websites in Microsoft Azure

Are you running a website and want to leverage the power of the cloud? In this session we will go through how to set up a website in Microsoft Azure and make it scalable. After an initial presentation on the topic, we will start hacking. So bring your computer and maybe also a website you have already built.

Prerequisites: Basic web development knowledge and your own laptop



Tuesday, December 1517:00-20:00

Running Mobile App Backends in Microsoft Azure

Is your mobile saving data in the cloud or sending out notifications? Or would you like it to? Microsoft Azure offers some really cool services that support app development. Join this session and learn more about how you can use Azure in your mobile app.

Prerequisites: Basic app development knowledge and your own laptop



Wednesday, December 1617:00-20:00

Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Do you have an idea for an app? And do you want to make it available on Android, Windows Phone and iPhone without having to develop it three times? Then cross-platform app development might be the answer for you. Come to this session and learn about some of the hottest cross-platform development tools.

Prerequisites: Basic programming skills (in C#, JavaScript, Python, Java or something similar) and your own laptop



Thursday, December 1717:00-20:00

Machine Learning in the Cloud

Big data and machine learning are super-hot topics right now. But setting up machine learning experiments can be a bit cumbersome if you don’t know the right tools. Microsoft Azure provides a set of great services that empower you to build some really cool machine learning experiments in the cloud.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge about statistics and your own laptop




Invitation 2: Technical Consulting Sessions with Microsoft

Is your startup developing some kind of website, app or other technical product? If so, sign up for a technical consulting session with Microsoft. Whether you are developing an app, a website, a traditional desktop-based program or an IoT-inspired solution, Microsoft will be able to help you and your startup in getting the most out of your potential. Use the registration link below to book a 3-hour consulting session with Microsoft at ActivSpaces.




Location: ActivSpaces Douala


Microsoft Representative:

Microsoft Evangelist Sebastian Brandes

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