The place to be this 1st August 2015

This Saturday 1st at the AppsTech Building, they will be 3 Tech events.


#DemoKids  by Genius Center


From 10AM to 1Pm, you will be welcome for a Demos presentation made by 7-17years old students. They will let you know a lot about Technology. This will take place on Saturday the 1st of August 2015 From 10am to 1pm at AppsTech Akwa, Douala . Just contact  Genius Center to make your registrations


#MTNStartup #QA by groups of Tech communities of Douala


From 10AM to the University Community organizes the Questions Answers Weekend event of the #MTNStartup Innovation Challenge at ActivSpaces, Akwa Immeuble Techno. Registrations open here


Windows phone appkathon #WPhackathon

The MSP Yvan Ngneunmeu will launch the last event with Windows Phone Appkathon. A free technical event to help novice developers understand key principles of the Microsoft mobile Platform by solving specific problems. The event is code oriented and targets absolute beginners and enthusiasts. This event will start at 1Pm . Registrations open here


Don’t worry, they is lot of rooms at AppsTech Building

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