Pre Activation Bootcamp – Learn to Build Launch-able Products ( #paBootCamp )

UPDATE: The 2 Weeks Internet Marketing  Course given during the Pre Activation BootCamp will be free and open to Everyone.

Real Worth: 400,000frs  –  What you pay: 50,000frs

What it is:
Pre Activation Bootcamp is a short intensive bootcamp focused on product development created by ActivSpaces Cameroon in partnership with GDG Cameroon, Buea Institute of Technology and Skademy.

ActivSpaces PreActivation Bootcamp

ActivSpaces PreActivation Bootcamp

Why PAB:
Pre Activation Bootcamp is organized to create a mindset of product development in Computer Science and Engineering students and give them the skills to jump above coding to product development. The mission of the project is to get 30 young people to build at least 10 marketable products before 31st December 2015.

Buea Institute of Technology Campus

(Follow this link to apply. You will be required to login on to complete your application.)

24th August – 19th December 2015

For Who?
Section A is targeted towards Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Web Design (Technical) Students.
Section B is targeted towards Marketing, Economics, Business and Language (Non-technical) Students.

Cost: 50,000frs per participant

How it works.

  • There are two parts; Part A (Technology & Product Development) and Part B (Business and Market Development)
  • There are 5 Programmes
  • Every person who registers can take at most one program in any of the two parts.
  • Each hyphenated item is a  full course that could span from one week as in the Python and front end development courses, to 4 weeks as in the Android Certification

The First 2 weeks of intensive classes will comprise the basics and will instill the bootcamp spirit. After the first week, participants will have mentored group studies. Groups will have exercises to complete weekly and will meet with a facilitator twice a week. Groups can get to facilitators anytime during the week on email or chat.

Facilitators and Mentors:

  • Churchill Mambe
  • Fritz Ekwoge
  • Ryan Yoder
  • Isaac Kamga
  • Kevin Tabot
  • Larry Akah
  • Arnold Chuenffo
  • Yohel Fasseu
  • Bermond Yangue
  • Kamdjou Duplex
  • Otto Akama
  • Benyella Njeko
  • Otto Beseka
  • Tekang Check
  • Steve Tchoumba

Training Sections & Titles

A. Technology & Product Development

1.  Diploma in Django Application Development

– HTML5 & CSS3
– Twitter Bootstrap
– Python Fundamentals
– Programming with Django
– Using Social APIs in Django Projects
– Project I – Build an E-commerce App
– Project II – Build a MatchMaking App
– Project III – Build a Geolocator App

2. Diploma in Android Application Development

– Java Fundamentals
– Android Certification Course

3. Diploma in Front End Development

– HTML5 & CSS3
– Twitter Bootstrap
– JavaScript Fundamentals
– WordPress Fundamentals
– jQuery Crash Course
– AngularJS Crash Course
– Mobile Development with Ionic Framework
– UI/ UX Fundamentals
– Mobile UI/ UX Fundamentals
– Graphics Design with Adobe Illustrator

B.  Business and Market Development

4. Diploma in Internet Marketing

– Social Media Marketing Fundamentals
– SEO Fundamentals
– Google Advertising Fundamentals
– Facebook Advertising Fundamentals
– Running A/B Tests

5. Diploma in Startup Business Modeling & Execution
– Business Model Generation
– Running a Lean Startup
– Business Plan Pro
– Pitching to Enterprise Clients
– Pitching to Investors
– Coordinating Brainstorming Sessions
– Team Formation & Management
– Basic Recordkeeping
– Basic Money Management

For any inquiry, to support or to become a mentor, please contact akamaotto[a]

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Otto Akama

Otto Akama

I am a student, an entrepreneur and a founder. I read Computer Engineering, founded iSolutions International, and Makonjoh. I love StartUps especially when they are created by youths. I love them because they give hope that youths are ready to face tomorrow.

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