Are you read to compete? #MTNStartup

The tech community is gearing up to compete in the MTN Innovation Challenge. Are you ready to compete? Do you need some help getting ready? Or maybe you just need some more information about the competition? Events are being held all across Cameroon to help developers prepare.

The Cities

Events will be held in each of the following cities:

Click the cities above to find the events happening in your city. (

The Events

Below is a list of events that will take place in each of the cities listed above. The exact dates may vary by city.

#IdeaWeek (3-4 Aug)
Stop thinking alone
Join your fellow community members in brainstorming , ideation, and idea refinement exercises.
#CodeWeekend (7-9 August)
Put your code to the test
Come this weekend and put your coding skills to the test. We will break into teams and hack through the weekend. The best app built will be the winner of this hackathon.
#MTNStartup #LeanStartup  (14-16th August)
Agile. Fast. Lean. Startup.
Startups operate under extreme uncertainty. How do you manage this risk? How do you move faster than your competition? Join us this weekend to discuss the Lean Startup.
#MTNStartup #PreCompete  (21-23 August)
Buea Pre-Competition
How will your app fare in the MTN Innovation Challenge? Come this weekend and check out the competition in your your city. The best app will be awarded a prize in this local pre-competition.
#MTNStartup #PolishWeek (24-30th August)
Does your app shine?
It’s almost time to submit your app for the MTN Innovation Challenge. Let’s make sure your app is polished and ready for submission.
#MTNStartup #SUBMIT (1st-8th September)
The time has come…to submit your app!
The deadline for the MTN Innovation Challenge is only a few days away. It’s time now to submit. Come this weekend to make sure everything is shipshape before you submit.
#MTNStartup #Top10 (18th September)
Who will be the #Top10?
This results of the MTN Innovation Challenge will be announced soon. Come this Friday to celebrate as the results are announced live.
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  1. Tchankep saturin says:

    Hello. I want to participate to the challenge. What can I do and what is the conditions?
    I need the phone number to contact you.
    Thank you very much
    Tchankep Saturin
    Tel: 681893155

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