MySQL User Group Cameroon launches its activities

MySql User Group

The MySQL/Java Tech Day is a series of workshops and conference where experts, professionnals and Certifiers will train participants on Oracle technologies and the MySQL database.

Cameroon branch just created. They organized the first event this Saturday 21th March 2015 at ActivSpaces Douala.

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08:30 09:15am Registration/Checking
09:15 09:45am  KeynotesIntroduction to MUG Cameroon (Vision and Mission)Introduction to CamerJUG (Vision and Mission) by Kwaye Gabriel Kantand Bruno Soufo
 09:45 10:30 am  MySQL. The database for the web  by Kwaye Gabriel Kant
10:30     10:45 am Cofee Break
10:45 11:35am Sponsors allow to speeches
11:35 12:05am  Cloud Computing: MySQL as a service by Patrick NDJIENTCHEU

CEO Founder
12:05 01:00 pm  Java Entreprise. JPA with MySQL database  By Daniel FOUOMENE

Java senior developper – PhD student computer Science
University of Yaounde
01:00 02:00 pm  MySQL tools for Database Administrator Stella BULU

Oracle DBA OCP, AppTech
02:00 02:50 pm  Launch Pizza
02:50 03:30 pm  What is ORACLE ? Oracle DBA profile – Certification  By Erick NKILI
03:30 04:10 pm  Java Application Server: Deployment with Glassfish  By Jeremie NGUETSOP

Java senior developper
04:10 05:00 pm Conference/debate: Oracle and MySQL ?When one should be used and why ?  Invites: Eric NKILI

Oracle Application DBA, AppsTech
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