How GDG Buea prepares to Launch Android Study Jam, on 7th Febuary 2015


The Google Developer Group (GDG) Buea is to organize the Android Study Jam, a Udacity course base on developing Android Apps and Android Fundamentals among university students across the globe. The training session in Buea will be taking place in the University of Buea, in one week participants are to receive tutoring on how to build Apps.
This is an introductory course to Android but it’s quite dense and the contents come directly from Google Android Engineers (the quality of the content will be good). If you’re a professional Android developer there’s something you will learn.
Previous Java knowledge is highly recommended but experience in any other programming language should be enough.
You will get access to the contents of the Udacity course, free in-person guidance & tutoring, some swag and free Udacity course certification (pending course performances).
In the University of Buea the tutored will be done by Larry Akah , winner of the African Android Challenge 2014 who has also completed the Udacity course on Building an Android app
This 2015 Android App session will run in seven sessions comprising of six lessons and a final session to share final project to students who must have completed the lessons of the week. A Google Study Jam certificate will be awarded to those who complete the materials. Check out the course description https://www.udacity.c…¬ for estimates of study time needed. For registration, GDG Buea will announce on a future date.

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