10 Startups to Compete For Entry Into ActivSpaces’ Activation Bootcamp

10 Startups to Compete For Entry Into ActivSpaces' Activation Bootcamp

10 Startups to Compete For Entry Into ActivSpaces’ Activation Bootcamp

#PitchDay237 is fast approaching. It will take place on the 31st of January 2015 at Sawa Hotel, Douala Cameroon at 2pm. 10 startups will battle for positions into ActivSpaces’ Activation Bootcamp. Startups that succeed at entering Activation Bootcamp will get a package worth 4.6 million francs.

During the #PitchDay237 competitions, other startups will also be competing for #YouCAN Startup Challenge.

This is a list of the shortlisted startups who will be pitching for entry into ActivSpaces’ Activation Bootcamp (#YouCAN startups will be announced separately):

1. Djoss.tv
Djoss.tv enriches the television viewers experience by creating a central virtual place where viewers worldwide watching the same program can connect to discuss and share their emotions in real time.
website: www.djoss.tv
Tagline: You’ll never watch TV alone

2. Kwiizi
Kwiizi vision is to become a great platform to interconnect universities to communicate, share data and become a kind of supermarket for education.
website: www.kwiizi.com
Tagline: Internet or no Internet, we enjoy the technological age in our own way.

3. CleanKakos:
CleanKakos is a fast and cost effective tool of a basic service: Laundry
website: www.cleankakos.com
tagline: No.1 Pressing 3.0 in Cameroon

4. MyCoupon
Mycoupon is a joint purchasing online service. The idea is to connect local merchants (restaurants, beauty salon, …) with consumers who consume come back regularly so they can enjoy discounts of up to 70%.
website: vc4africa.biz/groups/mycoupon

5. Flat n’ Flat
FLATNFLAT is a community marketplace where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a a place to sleep.
website: www.flatnflat.com
Tagline: Feel at home abroad

6.Interactive Media Xperience (IMX) Systems
WiFi entertainment for the African transportation industry. Plans to leverage their position to introduce, through their platform, a digital content marketplace.
website: www.imxsystems.com
Tagline: Wifi entertainment systems on the road.

7. lesGeeks
LesGeeks.cm is a web magazine about IT in Cameroon that gathers IT informations from trustworthy contacts in the local IT industry.
Website: www.lesgeeks.cm

8. M-Muziik
The vision of M-Muzik is to vision is to revolutionize music streaming experience without Internet Connection on feature phone and smart-phone.
website: mmuziik.adelrick.com
Tagline: Music streaming service without Internet connection.

9. New Era Publishers
To create the “African Disney” which will be the best package of entertainment for kids and teens in Africa.
Website: www.facebook.com/newerapublishers

10. WeMen
we-men.cm is an online shop for men in Cameroon that sells original products such as underwear, clothes, shoes and others accessory for men.
Website: www.we-men.cm

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Otto Akama

Otto Akama

I am a student, an entrepreneur and a founder. I read Computer Engineering, founded iSolutions International, and Makonjoh. I love StartUps especially when they are created by youths. I love them because they give hope that youths are ready to face tomorrow.

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  1. Ariel says:

    I always fall on the information when the event has already happened is what bad luck or other things? if not cheer for the initiave and continue like that. I hope that with my new company I could take part in the next, http://www.mboasoftwares.com

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