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The Buea Tech Community is pushign forth today with a hackathon on Google’s new technology called ‘Polymer‘. The hackathon organized by GDG Buea today in partnership with ActivSpaces is a subCMR. A subCMR is an event during which programmers, designers, content creators, policy writers, organizers and other contributors come together to finish a project in the community. It could be any project, you just have to sell it well for the community to buy in. Today, it’s GDG Buea’s website, and all codes will be OpenSource.

It’s 9 a.m. and a good number of persons are here.

Programmers settling in for Polymer Hackathon

Programmers settling in for Polymer Hackathon @ActivSpaces

Coming up with more updates. Stay tuned.

We now have Tah Teche, GDG Lead for Limbe – Cameroon and Project Lead for this subCMR, introducing a tutorial on Polymer.

Tah Teche giving a Tutorial o

We also go some swags

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And some breakfast too!!!

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Programmers are rounding up with Polymer tutorials.

??????????   ??????????

Brainstorming on the information architecture of the website; lead by Tah Teche.

??????????   ??????????

Hmm!!! Over half of the day used in planning. OK! tasks have been assigned and now coding begins.

As the community dive into polymer codes, let’s see what comes out.

It’s lunch time! There’s time for a little meal and for a little meat!

??????????   ??????????

??????????   ??????????


At the end of the day, we had snippets of HTML5/ Polymer components/ tags. Tomorrow, we continue by putting it all together.

Stay tuned

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Otto Akama

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