Four Reasons ActivSpaces is Changing Techpreneurship in Cameroon

It is our pleasure to introduce the four new staff members of ActivSpaces! Leading the team is our Executive Director, Ryan Yoder. Otto Akama and Danielle Akini are filling the positions of Community Development Specialists. Working directly with our startups is our Business Development Manager, Steve Tchoumba.

ActivSpaces Team

From left to right; Steve, Danielle, Ryan and Paul.

We have made a number changes to the structure of the staff. We eliminated the position of “Community Manager” or CM. The duties of the CM will now be shared by our two Community Development Specialists. We created a new position of Executive Director which is in charge overall management, providing leadership, and organizing fundraising efforts. Our Business Development Manager (BDM) will support our startups by providing direct training, advice, and information.

Ryan has been working as our Executive Director since late August. . Before coming to ActivSpaces he was working at Intel Corporation as a Software Metrics Engineer.  Ryan’s no stranger to Cameroon. He first started working with ActivSpaces in 2012 and had a chance to work closely with a number of startups. Before coming to Buea in 2012 he taught computers at the Government High School Djunang in Bafoussam for two years.

Otto Paul has been a part of the ActivSpaces community for a number of years. Last month he joined our staff as the Community Development Specialist, Buea. His broad knowledge, long presence, and familiarity with the startup community in Buea is an asset to the organization. Paul holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer & Communications Engineering from the University College of Technology, Buea. In the small time he’s been working for ActivSpaces he has already made an impact in the tech community in Buea.

Danielle is our second Community Development Specialist and is based in Douala. Danielle brings a wealth of experience working with the Douala tech community. She founded Africa IT Women (AIW) ( in 2013 and initiate a partnership between ActivSpaces and AIW earlier this year. Danielle has worked as a freelance web developer for over 5 years. She has also volunteered with a number of organizations including Google Developer Group, BarCamp Cameroon, 9 Ideas, and JCertif.

Steve is joining the team as our Business Development Manager (BDM). He most recently worked as the Managing Director of the Bridge International School in Douala and was instrumental in the launching of the school. He designed and implemented marketing strategies for the Bridge. Steve graduated with honors from Coventry University, United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Languages. We are very excited to be putting his expertise and passion to work for the members of ActivSpaces.

ActivSpaces welcomes its new staff and encourages the community stop by one of our co-working spaces and greet them.

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2 Responses

  1. Ngah Kenneth says:

    With this Team we are hoping for the best.

  2. Clifford Ako says:

    Nice! There’s a lot of work to be done. Good Luck to the new team.

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