Laura Yuego of IPA Presents the $150,000 IPA 2015 Award Competition to the Entrepreneurs at ActivSpaces Buea

Tuesday, August 26th, a representative of the African Innovation Foundation, Laura Yuego, came to ActivSpaces and held a presentation on the IPA competition and the possibility of winning $100 000 USD.
IPA stands for Innovation Prize for Africa and is a competition of innovative Ideas. Each year since 2012, the IPA has offered $150,000 (USD) in prizes to innovators  who create sustainable African-made solutions for the African market. The IPA recognizes and encourages the efforts of innovators and entrepreneurs, increasing their profiles on the development agenda and encouraging the emergence of a healthy competitive environment in which their efforts are recognized as contributing to the advancement of the African continent.

DSCN2409Representatives of different universities in Buea and entrepreneurs were invited to take part in the presentation and to carry the message back to their students, friends and neighbors. The goal of ActivSpaces and the IPA is to mobilize the community of entrepreneurs in Cameroon to become aware of their potential and maybe win $100 000USD (ca. 49.673.020FCFA) for the first place, to invest in their business and become big. Furthermore there is a reward for the innovation with the biggest market potential, which is rewarded with 25.000 USD (ca. 12.418.255 FCFA) and also a prize for the project with the hugest social impact, rewarded by 25.000 USD (ca. 12.418.255FCFA) too.

The presentation started nearly on time and went on for 1 hour. During this presentation Laura Yuego talked about how to apply for the competition, how the ideas are getting rated and also about the goal of this competition. After the presentation we provided some drinks and food to the participants. Also we had a really nice, but intense discussion about the IPA, which may gave some new ideas to the African Innovation found, carrying out this competition.

We from ActivSpaces are very happy, that the presentation took place in our office and are hoping that this year more Cameroonian start-ups gather the courage and participate. We strongly believe, that the people in this country have definitely the potential to win this competition. So take your chance now and apply here. You still have two more month to carry out some research and apply for next year competition.

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