Pointers for BarCamp Cameroon 2013

This is a message from the BarCamp Cameroon 2013 committee (http://blog.barcampcameroon.org/).

Dear Campers,

We hope you’re all excited and getting ready for BarCamp Cameroon 2013. There are a few reminders and pointers that we’d like to give you to help prepare you for the event.

Please do well to print out your tickets and bring them along with you to the event. These will give you access to refreshments, the possibility of reimbursements for those of you coming from out of town, and of course the after-party at Peeps Lounge. The ticket is your Camper’s Pass and will keep you a happy camper ;)

In the spirit of BarCamp, presentations will be scheduled on the fly during the event. However, we’re also offering priority placements for those of you who indicate the willingness to do a presentation beforehand. We’re inviting everybody to try and present something; show that you’re made in Cameroon! Please send the title of your presentation, your name and/or the name of your organization to al.banda@activspaces.com and/or huguesleandre@gmail.com. Sessions per participant will be 10-15 minutes of presentation followed by 5-10 minutes of Q&A (approximately 20 minutes in total). Please bear this in mind. If you would like to host a longer discussion, please inform us as soon as possible.

For attendants coming from out of town and needing overnight accommodation in Buea, please do well to contact Wasamundi staff (njielitumbe@wasamundi.com) as soon as possible. The sooner you reach out to Wasamundi the better assistance they can give you. The earliest birds may have access to free accommodation while later requests will have decent discounted prices at various lodges in Buea.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at BarCamp Cameroon 2013. Stay tuned though, there’s no telling what this BarCamp may throw at you!

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Otto Akama

Otto Akama

I am a student, an entrepreneur and a founder. I read Computer Engineering, founded iSolutions International, and Makonjoh. I love StartUps especially when they are created by youths. I love them because they give hope that youths are ready to face tomorrow.

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