“Hello, I am WakaWaka.”

For many Cameroonians (and Africans at that) the term “Waka Waka” means something quite different from our new friend’s name. We would like to introduce you to WakaWaka Light, the coolest solar LED lamp on a mission to bring sustainable lighting to underprivileged communities worldwide.

A Worthy Cause
When we first met WakaWaka, we learned that over 1.5 billion people in the world live in complete darkness and have to face the horrors of kerosene lamps everyday. The question we asked ourselves was: how many of those are in Cameroon and what can we do about it? You may also want to ask yourself how many of those are in your community and find out how you can contribute to change.

A Renewable Energy Solution
WakaWaka is a state-of-the-art solar lamp built with portability, durability and energy efficiency in mind. It gives back 16 hours of bright light on less than a day of sunlight. Its waterproof shell and versatile design suit the African context and it is an asset in any rural or urban home.

The 48 Lamps Campaign
WakaWaka Light has graciously agreed to send ActivSpaces a stock of its innovative solar lamp units that we will be pushing into local communities. Our intention is to create a market and contribute to the elimination of kerosene lamps. Our story begins with 48 lamps and we hope that it ends when kerosene lamps are no longer a factor.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be planning and executing our outreach campaign along with local partners in the Southwest Region. The purpose of this blog post is to rally our community to this initiative and encourage our sister tech hubs to get involved in their various regions too.

Connection Point
Contact us at ActivSpaces to find out how you can participate as a volunteer for our 48 Lamps campaign. Follow @WakaWakaLight on Twitter to keep up-to-date on our new friend’s journey across the continent and around the world.

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Otto Akama

Otto Akama

I am a student, an entrepreneur and a founder. I read Computer Engineering, founded iSolutions International, and Makonjoh. I love StartUps especially when they are created by youths. I love them because they give hope that youths are ready to face tomorrow.

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  1. @WakaWakaLight: “Hello, I am WakaWaka: http://t.co/Z9ePlIkq ” Check us out on active spaces!” Cameroon calling too now (78th country!) #mvo

  2. “Hello, I am WakaWaka.” http://t.co/oyxGcPQl by @TribeOfLions

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