HumanIPO & The Coworking Desk Exchange Initiative

Our outlook at the beginning of this year was to foster a true spirit of collaboration in Africa’s startup scene in order to see more successful projects blossom. We must have been downloading from the same cloud as HumanIPO, African tech news site and startup community that facilitates mentoring, team building and finance, and also hosts the stellar IPO48 events. In February, HumanIPO opened the doors of Africa’s largest coworking space, 88mph Garage Nairobi, and at the same time initiated the coworking desk exchange.

The coworking desk exchange initiative is a program to boost the swapping of ideas across the continent. Here are just 3 reasons why it presents amazing opportunities:

1) New Markets
Have you ever observed another marketplace and experienced an AHA moment of innovation? The coworking desk exchange provides an opening to exploring your project idea in new markets, with new dynamics that may very well spell success for a venture in one area where it perhaps wouldn’t be so fruitful in another. There is wide variety between north, east, south and west Africa — more than enough room for your imagination.

2) Product/Service Expansion
If your venture starts gaining traction in one African state, the coworking desk exchange program could be a gateway towards expanding the market for your products and services in others. Across the continent we share development challenges and are figuring out solutions to them; why see your counterparts reinvent the wheel? For startup teams working on similar projects in different hubs, the coworking desk exchange is the perfect prospect for international collaboration and solid brand growth.

3) Networking
Growing your network is a key component of operating a successful venture. The coworking desk exchange offers a chance to meet new inspirational people and make friends who will keep you abreast of opportunities and threats alike in the business world.

Care to swap?
We’re thrilled to announce that ActivSpaces and 88mph Garage Nairobi have agreed on a partnership towards the coworking desk exchange! While eager to see the first swap take place, we encourage other tech hubs to join the coworking desk exchange initiative. Follow @HumanIPO on Twitter to stay up-to-date on their activities.

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Otto Akama

Otto Akama

I am a student, an entrepreneur and a founder. I read Computer Engineering, founded iSolutions International, and Makonjoh. I love StartUps especially when they are created by youths. I love them because they give hope that youths are ready to face tomorrow.

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  1. Have you heard about the #coworking desk exchange initiative? @HumanIPO

  2. Have you heard about the #coworking desk exchange initiative? @HumanIPO #AfricaTechHubs

  3. | @africatechie: HumanIPO & The Coworking Desk Exchange Initiative via @ActivSpaces

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