Monthly Archive: October 2011

Book of the Month: Getting Real by 37 Signals 1

Book of the Month: Getting Real by 37 Signals

Getting Real The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application. And that is “Getting Real“. Discover 37 Signals’ unconventional but brilliant approach to conception, construction and realization of great webware. Who... – Live TV Chatter 2 – Live TV Chatter

In the domestically popular suburban slang of Francophone Cameroon, the term “djoss” is often used to describe chatter or small talk. Last week, a few Douala-based Cameroonian techies launched a web application designed specifically...

Innovation Never Dies 6

Innovation Never Dies

Steve Jobs, chairman of the board of Apple and a technology industry icon for as long as we can remember has passed away. Below is a statement from Apple: We are deeply saddened to...

Running With The Cheetahs 2

Running With The Cheetahs

Contributing just one percent of your time, knowledge and resources to another’s project can make all the difference. ActivSpaces had the opportunity to experience this first-hand (for the second time) on Saturday, September 30th,...