Code: Geek | Think: Warrior

Code: Geek | Think: Warrior





“What is a business incubator?”
ActivSpacers get asked this question all the time. Passersby and visitors to our lab in Buea usually find it hard to understand the concept and rationale behind what we do here. We’ve also been humored by a few local scientists who think we are engaged in activity of a whole different sort. Nevertheless, this is the place where some of the bravest and most promising young African entrepreneurs get up and go to every morning, sometimes 7 days a week. If you ask them, they’ll tell you that a business incubator — this business incubator — is the perfect launchpad for their ventures, with a long list of reasons why.

“How far am I sure my idea won’t get stolen?”
This question doesn’t fail to make me laugh — every time. At ActivSpaces we encourage and believe that all ideas are potentially great, but try telling that to an investor. The thing is, ideas are a dime a dozen. What creates impact are individuals capable of pulling those ideas off, and it’s a lot harder than it sounds. At ActivSpaces everybody has an idea and is trained to focus on that idea with discipline and rigor. As sure as night follows day, nobody is going to steal your idea, mainly because nobody has time to.

Code: Geek | Think: Warrior
ActivSpaces forges the success of its incubated initiatives on tested project development principles drawn from successful organizations like 37 Signals as well as shrewd competitive strategy based on the teachings of militarists like Ancient China’s Sun Tzu, author of “The Art of War“. During a period of incubation at our innovation hub, entrepreneurs are trained to work meticulously following the code of a geek, while mentored to think like warriors, adapting quickly to situations in the battlefield — I mean the marketplace ;)

BarCamp Cameroon

A Look Towards BarCamp Cameroon
Join us this September at BarCamp Cameroon where we will be hosting a talk on incubation and introducing our Code: Geek | Think: Warrior sessions to the tech community. There is a certain energy in coming together that can’t be duplicated working solo. We hope to see the entire force of local techpreneurs join ActivSpaces in fostering business and development throughout Africa. As a geeky warrior once said: united we stand, divided we fall.

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Otto Akama

Otto Akama

I am a student, an entrepreneur and a founder. I read Computer Engineering, founded iSolutions International, and Makonjoh. I love StartUps especially when they are created by youths. I love them because they give hope that youths are ready to face tomorrow.

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  1. Remixing Sun Tzu and @37signals w/ ActivSpaces techpreneur strategy sessions: by @TribeOfLions

  2. Some topics to look out for at #BarCampCameroon

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